ELSEVIE is actively involved in a number of research, development and technology projects.

The specific objectives of the SciLED project are listed below:

  • Incorporation of comfort and sustainability in product life-cycle.
  • Analysis of the parameters that affect footwear quality with respect to sustainability, comfort and performance.
  • To stimulate the collaboration of higher education and research institutes with companies in order to jointly develop new learning and teaching methods centred on learners and real problem-based scenarios, as well as solutions for challenges and problems affecting the footwear sector.
  • Utilization of existing state-of-the-art technologies and computer-based tools for the determination of footwear comfort parameters using human biomodels and simulation scenarios.
  • Refining and improving the curricula for the professions of Footwear Designer and Production Manager.
  • Provision of the produced accredited “educational package” to the allied Universities as complementary material for the enrichment of their current undergraduate or graduate programmes.
  • Organization of 5 joint seminars/workshops on five partner countries with 100 trainees/participants coming from the industry and/or universities.
  • Organizing a Mobility Action with 12 students and 8 mentors/ staff from partners.

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